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What does a 1:1 session with me look like?

Are you wondering if this type of work is for you?

I am the most skeptical person of "holistic health practitioners." Trust me.

Ten years ago, when I quit the religion of allopathic medicine and the Big Pharma medicine industry for good, I was under the impression that all 'alternative healers' were benevolent forces out to spread good health for the right reasons.

Unfortunately, the world of 'holistic' or 'alternative' medicine falls prey to the same fallacies that we've been swept up in believing in the modern allopathic model: 1. one size fits all, 2. profit over people, 3. my way or the highway.

That is to say, there are plenty of 'holistic practitioners' out there who believe they've found the Holy Grail of healing (be it this herb powder or that breath work practice) and that spreading it to everyone equally is the best thing they can do. Or else they've chosen to set up their 'alternative' practice in replica of an allopathic model and are thus forced to charge hundreds (even thousands) of dollars per client (or, to ensure repeat clients) to make their economics make sense.

Or, they're still treating 'natural alternatives' like pharmaceuticals: the presence of this symptom = you take this pill. Not what traditional medicine teaches us.

Ten years later, I've now seen *every* type of 'alternative healer' under the sun ... bodyworkers, Chinese medicine doctors, people who will cleanse your aura, people who will give you little herb pills and not tell you what's in them, angel healers, nutritionists of every possible style ... and I am dismayed to report that I still walk out of 90% of these interactions disappointed.

I don't say that to disparage other practitioners, but I say it to emphasize this: it is not enough to learn about natural approaches. Becoming a true holistic practitioner requires un-learning and un-doing the ways of thinking that we have been shepherded into since a young age through the allopathic system: primarily, specific 'cures' for specific 'ailments', that the mind is separate from the body, and that intervention is necessary for health.

In fact, to truly be a holistic practitioner means to believe in vitalism: the predecessor to allopathic medicine, the belief that the body (and other living things) inherently contains an innate power to heal itself, and that the purpose of 'medicine' is to remove any obstacles obstructing that natural process.

To be a truly holistic practitioner also means understanding the inseparable connection of mind and body, and knowing that no one can ever 'supplement' or 'diet' their way out of a disease state without also addressing the dis-ease of the mind.

So in a 1:1 session with me, we begin by reviewing your entire health history: not just things like your diet and 'diagnoses', but your whole family system dynamics, your beliefs, and the way your life's events have informed your state of being.

We explore what you believe to be true about health: for it is this biology of belief (a term coined by Bruce Lipton) that is the missing component in so many of our health journeys.

We then create a plan that is both low-cost and low-impact, helping you to ease your way from a lifestyle or mindset that is contributing to dis-ease to a lifestyle and mindset that fosters your ultimate state of well-being, which is unique to you, in a manner that feels soft, nurturing, and ease-y.

All of the suggestions I make, which may be drawn from traditional medical systems like Chinese medicine or Ayurveda, or may be newer modalities rooted in the New Biology (like functional medicine or rational herbalism), will be supported by science (always) and/or rooted in thousands of years of proven efficacy.

Science is supportive of vitalism when it is 1. unbiased 2. not reductionistic

And so, these sessions are both holistic and scientific. But they are not dogmatic. There is no "one size fits all", "my way or the highway", and you will always be listened to as the primary authority on your own health.

In the same manner, you are expected to take responsibility for your own healing: I am not here to heal you. I am here to help remove the obstacles that are preventing you from doing just that, all on your own. The capacity and the power already exists within you.

My goal is to help you feel well in as few sessions as possible, so from our initial consultation you will hopefully walk away with all of the tools you need to take this healing journey (with myself as an ongoing resource and guide). Follow-up sessions are booked only as-needed to help us refine and perfect your plan and approach.

If you have questions about whether these sessions are right for you, you can email me at newmedicinecollective@gmail.com to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

To book your session, visit New Medicine Collective here: Book Now


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