• Sami Zanfagna

The Pregnancy Foods You Should Be Eating

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

The three pregnancy superfoods you’re missing

When you are pregnant for the first time, every stranger on the street has some advice or some judgment to make about what you should or should not be eating. Unfortunately, most of the “advice” that has come to be accepted as societal norm is rooted in false science or old wives’ tales. Actually, I’d be quicker to trust a granny when it comes to pregnancy than to trust a “scientist”. But no matter … the truth is more recent scientific evidence confirms what those grannies knew to be true about keeping a mama-to-be healthy, and it’s about time we made it the norm again.

  1. Raw milk. That’s right. Your doctor has likely warned you against the dangers of raw milk while pregnant. Listeria! The plague! But did you know, statistics on food poisoning in the US show that pasteurized milk is actually more likely to contain listeria and other toxins than raw milk? This may be because of the protective beneficial bacteria that raw milk contains, which are killed during the pasteurization process. If you’re going to drink milk (and you should - if you aren’t sensitive to dairy), raw is the way to go. I aimed for a half cup of raw milk every day to fortify my microbiome, keep up vitamin levels that baby needs (like D, A, and K), and to support my immune system.

  2. Collagen. But not just any collagen. Sure you’re heard that collagen is good for hair, skin, and nails, but the progesterone in pregnancy already helps out plenty with those. Collagen is used to build all connective tissue in the body, including the vitally important connective tissue of new baby’s nervous system. This is why you really can’t get too much collagen in the early stages of pregnancy, and while whole food sources (like bone broth) are excellent, it may also be a good idea to supplement. Not all collagen supplements are created equal - go for Great Lakes Collagen, which has a great reputation for being a quality-tested industry leader and completely grass-fed.

  3. MCT oil. They don’t call it “brain” oil for nothing. One of the bioactive compounds of coconut oil, MCT oil has gained popularity in the superfoods industry for enhancing cognitive performance and function. But it can also be extremely beneficial to your baby’s developing brain and nervous system. 1-2 tablespoons per day, dissolved into a hot or cold beverage (like a smoothie), are optimal.

Okay, I know I said three, but I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the king of all pregnancy superfoods … cod liver oil. It’s gross, you don’t have to remind me. I’m mostly trying to forget all the times I took it (every day) during my first pregnancy. Particularly because I took fermented cod liver, which is more bioavailable and takes like absolute punishment. But it is one of the only whole foods that contains bioavailable vitamin D, K, and A, all of which are insanely important to your baby’s development (and your own health during pregnancy). In fact, deficiencies in these vitamins have even been linked to miscarriage. So I was committed. I highly recommend getting the encapsulated form of the Green Pasture brand (which I didn’t know existed until after I had choked down my whole bottle, God help me). And someday you can remind your babe all those things you did because you love them.


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